Product Description

A harmony of flavors led by a refreshing lively mint and followed by subtle non-dominating notes of mango, lemon and passion fruit create an instant feeling of summer. Prepare to be immediately embraced by a light fresh Mojito reminiscent bouquet with an energizing and invigorating taste. Put on your sunnies, grab a towel, and save an empty hand to cool down with this sparkling water heat wave hit.

Health Benefits

For centuries, people have enjoyed lemon for its strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting properties.


Spice-Roasted Quail with Chinese Sausage, Thai Eggplant & Pineapple Jungle Curry.


Lilly’s Lemonade

Named after Lilly Pulitzer who started with a lemonade stand and became a Inaternational Fashion Icon.

  • 2oz Citrus Vodka ( We infuse ours in house but any citrus vodka should work )
  • 4oz of Lemon onli™
  • 1/2 Young Ginger Juice ( Pureed and Strained )

*Combine and shake all ingredients. Pour into a Collins Glass and top with ‘Q Tonic’. (Regular tonic will work but ‘Q Tonic’ is much more elegant and balanced. Can be found in most high end groceries). Garnish with a slice of lemon and serve.